Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

Ibiza Repair and Maintenance Boat

You just enjoy it, we take care of the maintenance boat work, cleaning and preparation before departure. In our hands you will find an integral service of maintenance boat with qualified professionals, real experts in boats, yachts, sailboats and repair boat techniques.

We have our own facilities where we carry out all kind of naval repair boat services, transformations and general maintenance of your boat, as well as repair of semi rigid and other boats. It is worth mentioning our long experience in restoring classic yachts.

Currently we have specialists in the areas of: carpentry, mechanics, stainless, painting, polyester, etc.

•General maintenance of boat.

• Hull polishing.

• Cleaning of roofs and interiors of all kinds.

• Teak cleaning, polishing of steels.

• Patents and administrative procedures.

• Management of repair of tarpaulins, bonnets, upholstery and candles.

• Periodic care and maintenance.

• Sandblasting.

• Approved osmosis centre.

Repair of boats.

Repair boat

Ship repair requires a full team of specialists, capable of detecting possible faults, determining their range and repairing them completely effectively. In Jet Service we have an extensive fleet of boats that must be regularly checked, in addition to demanding repairs on certain occasions, that is why we have a ship repair area, capable of repairing semi-rigid and maintenance boat works throughout the year, which we put at the service of our customers. If you need a repair boat work service all year round, trust Jet Service Ibiza.

Maintenance boat

Performing the set-up of a boat is a basic job to enjoy everything the sea can offer us. If you do not want to worry about the pre-navigation steps of your boat contact us, our boat maintenance service includes the previous preparation, as well as any technical work you may need after the mooring.