Condiciones de Contratación

Use of the boat

The lessee compromises to make good use of the boat and keep it in good condition and respond to the integrity of it and as listed in the inventory at the time of delivery of those responding the same damage, negligence, breakage, theft or loss. The standard boat comes with appropriately qualified skipper with knowledge of regulations, standards and laws of the area in which you are going to navigate. If it’s the lessee who commands the boat and claims to have knowledge to command it, must show all permissions and sufficient experience.

The lessor may terminate the lease unilaterally without recourse or compensation for damages by the lessee, if the skipper did not have enough experience, inadequate qualifications or personal circumstances for the failure to perform its functions, returning the amounts received for the lease and paying any expenses occasioned thereby.

The lessee is obligated not to ship as many people that signed in the contract and authorized by the insurance company, being strictly forbidden to trade, sublet, transfer, commercial fishing, transportation of any kind of object and any activity or use prohibited by the law and maritime legislation. The lessee will report directly to the appropriate authorities still missing involuntarily and payable by the lessor the full cost of the detention of the ship by the Administration or relevant department. In case of forfeiture of the vessel must repay the full value of the boat within 10 days, with its price set by mutual agreement with the policy contained in the leased boat insurance.

In case of breakdown or accident the lessee shall immediately inform the lessor of the state and both mechanical and administrative situation. The repair shall always be approved in advance by the lessor; the lessee must keep all invoices and documents unless you have been through misuse or neglect of lessee to be fulfilled by him. In the event that the boat towing service need to be negotiated with the skipper the amount to be paid for this service.

Condition of the boat

At the time of delivery of the boat the lessor and the lessee, bind simultaneously to perform a status check of the boat, its operation, equipment, fixtures, inventory and accessories giving written consent of the appropriate conditions of use and navigability. It is expressly forbidden by the lessee vary or substitute any technical feature, equipment, keys, items, and both indoor and outdoor decoration. In the event of any change in these items payable by the Lessee making its original condition at his own expense. The lessor is not responsible for the objects, clothing, electronics and property left or transported in the boat, both the contract and after the return of the boat.

Price, deposit, payment, extension and fuel

The validity of this agreement is subject, such as suspension clause, the payment by the Lessee of the full amount of the lease. The amount paid as a deposit, will be delivered to the lessor the day of delivery of the boat, in cash or as repayment of the credit card and will serve as warranty in compliance with the conditions of this contract and to answer any breach of contract, malicious damage or neglect in the boat or its equipment.

The contract will be finalized in the time of delivery of the boat and settled financial compensation for any of the assets.

If the lessor is deprived of all or part of the use and enjoyment of the boat, due to damage caused during the rental period will not be eligible to seek a refund of amounts paid except that it was attributable to the opportunity of providing the service, in which case they will be reimbursed for any days remaining until the end of contract.

If for reasons of force majeure or damage from causes beyond the Lessor, produced prior to the commencement of the lease and was not possible to deliver the leased boat, will be delivered to another boat of the same or similar characteristics. Should not be possible and choose the lessee by a lower level or above, be charged or refunded the difference proportional to the amount paid or return the amount paid so far by the tenant.

The lessee shall be noticed of fuel used on the rental of the boat, which must be paid at the end of the day of the lease. If there is any damage to the engine caused by the negligence of the lessee is at your own expenses caused in the same and towing of the boat.

These Terms are governed by Spanish law. For any dispute arising from the application of the services or interpretation or application of the general conditions between Charter and Moorings SL, and lessor, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction are subject to the Courts and Courts of Ibiza.