Once you've decided to make a completely different vacation, where you can rent a boat and define your destination, it's time to plan the route that will realize during your journey. To which you have to ask, what should I consider for a perfect planning?

Next, detailed step by step how to organize your route to travel quiet and smooth. It is important to start without stress, most importantly, the desire to travel by renting a yacht or your own boat, never exhausted.

Imagine your weekend aboard this impressive superyacht!! Good weekend!!


Stranded or sunken boats, beaches that disappear under huge waves and lots of seagrass, fallen trees … Ibiza has suffered one of the worst storms in recent years. Playa d’en Bossa, Talamanca and the bay of Santa Eulalia del Rio are among the most affected areas by the strong east wind that blew from Sunday night till Monday. The following images speak by themselves about what happened in Ibiza before and after the perfect storm.