Mangusta 80 Hard top

Eslora: 25.30
Manga: 5.90
Velocidad Crucero: 33
Velocidad Máxima: 48
Puerto Base: Ibiza
Pasajeros: 12/6
Camarotes: 3
Aseos: 3
Año: 2011
Incluye: Seguro, equipo de seguridad, amarre en el puerto base y tripulación
No Incluye: APA (30%), amarre fuera del puerto base ni IVA (21%)
Temporada Baja: 5.500 €/dia
Temporada Media: 5.500 €/dia
Temporada Alta: 7.000 €/dia

             The Mangusta 80 is one of the most popular luxury superyachts. Over the eyars the Mangusta 80 yacht model has established a foothold in the fats Open Yacht market. Since it’s introduction over 70 “Mangusta 80’s”have been delivered and are on the watre, making it Overmarine’s most popular model. “Avatar” is one of the latest built.
Solid reliability and high performance are the key factor to the success of the latest Mangusta 80 as she flies over the water at more then 45 knots. Earlier models are Open Express yachts with no roof, whilst the latest Mangusta 80 models have been redesigned with a sleeker silhouette thank to the new hard top and aft enclosure, it alse features a spacious interior.

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